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Understanding asbestos – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Part 1

Even though asbestos is no longer used in the construction of residential homes and commercial properties, it can still cause several problems if damaged or disturbed in any way. What’s more, individuals that have come into contact with asbestos in the past may yet suffer from certain illnesses and diseases, as it can take many […]

Facts and figures about the dangers of asbestos

Despite the fact that asbestos has been identified as a dangerous and harmful material for quite some time now, it still presents several dangers. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) has some quite shocking facts about how hazardous exposure to asbestos can be: Asbestos still kills around 5000 workers each year. Somewhat remarkably, this is […]

Firm fined over asbestos exposure

Rochdale Electric Welding Company (REWCO) has been ordered to pay more than £20,000 after exposing employees to potentially fatal asbestos fibres at an industrial site in Devon. Asbestos dust and fibres were released on 25 May 2010 during work to remove industrial boilers, associated fixed pipework and a boiler house at a redundant Dairy Crest site […]

Harland and Wolff asbestos disease claims to hit £150m

Some £150m in compensation is expected to be paid to former Harland and Wolff workers who contracted asbestos-related diseases while working at the shipyard. More than 2,000 people have been already been paid compensation. Asbestos was a widely-used insulation material in shipbuilding until the 1970s. Many workers contracted asbestos-related diseases after they were exposed to […]

Suspended Jail Term For Ignoring Asbestos Safety

The director of a Bromley firm has given a suspended jail sentence after removing asbestos without a licence and deceiving the householders by providing a doctored air test saying the room was safe to re-enter. Southwark Crown Court was told today (13 Sept 12) that Absolute Asbestos Ltd was hired to take out all the […]

Hotel Chain Fined For Asbestos Risk

A leading hotel chain has been ordered to pay more than £200,000 in fines and costs after construction workers and guests were put at risk of asbestos exposure at a Kent hotel. Cheshire-based Britannia Hotels Ltd failed to ensure a full asbestos assessment was undertaken before construction workers refurbished a wing of The Grand Burstin […]

Asbestos Error Costs Property Developer £100,000

A property developer who exposed employees to asbestos has been given an eight-month suspended prison sentence and been ordered to pay fines and costs of £100,000. Nottingham Crown Court heard that James Roger Carlton,64, of South Leverton ignored the presence of asbestos insulation board at the site of the former King Edward VI School on […]

Office Refurb Job Exposes 18 Builders To Asbestos

A refurbishment contractor has been fined a total of £45,000 and ordered to pay £36,943 in costs after it exposed employees, agency staff and members of the public to asbestos. The incident happened during a refurbishment project at offices in Sentinel House, Poole over a period of several weeks in 2009. An HSE vist revealed widespread […]