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Commissioning an asbestos survey plays a pivotal role in managing asbestos within your property. Asbestos Surveys require the highly experienced asbestos consultants which Sperion Ltd. can provide.

Asbestos Surveys undertaken by our consultants are performed in accordance with HSE publication HSG 264 “Asbestos: The survey guide”.  Our consultants will provide you with an asbestos survey and management plan conducted to the highest quality and environmental standards.

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Do I need an asbestos consultant?

All commercial premises, built in the UK before 2000, should already have been subject to an asbestos survey or assessment. Following this, there should have been subsequent measures taken to manage any materials that were found to contain asbestos. Failure to comply with this requirement could result in prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Our consultants provide a detailed asbestos survey and management plan, working with you to ensure that removal is managed by qualified personnel in the correct manner.

What happens once an asbestos survey has been carried out?

To ensure your peace of mind, and to correctly identify the next steps to deal with the findings, all physical samples are identified, removed and taken by Sperion then forwarded to a UKAS accredited laboratory for scientific analysis.

Once the samples have been received by the UKAS accredited laboratory they are fully analysed by a qualified team of experts and a report is produced which guarantees that best industry practice has been adhered to strictly in keeping with the regulations applicable to the task at hand.

Consultation and recommendations for removal

Our asbestos consultants will provide you with various recommendations for the suitable management of any asbestos containing materials that have been identified as part of the surveying process. Sperion have their own team of highly trained asbestos removal staff who will plan and execute the works efficiently with minimum impact.

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